Eirini Gymnastic Club is located in the Olympic Boxing Venues, (Mazaraki-Peristeri), in a space of 800m2 and 12-14 meters height. The offices, the lockers and communal space occupy another 100 m2. In the gym one can find, pits in a 150-m2 space bonded carpet rolls filled with foam for secure floor exercises. We have placed parallel bars, horizontal bars, rings, gymnastic vaults for both men and women, a gymnastic runway as wells as a trampoline.

There are 4 balance beams, 2 women’s horizontal bars, 2 vaults, 3 competition floor exercises runway’s, 2 horizontal bars, 2 sets of rings , 3 parallel bars, 3 pommel horses and many other apparatus.

Outdoors you can find a spacious municipal parking lot.