Our club “EIRINI” was founded in 1986. It is recognized by the General Secretary of Sports and founder member of the Greek Gymnastics Association. We specialize in Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Gymnastics for everyone, as well as Trampoline gymnastics. Nearly 500 athletes exercise in the Club Academies. They are trained by our graduates in physical education teachers and certified coaches by the General Secretary of Sports.

Since 1991, our club is in the first (1st) rank in Gymnastics Association evaluation, held by the General Secretary of Sports. The Levendi Foundation, Municipalities, associations and organisms with the prize «Dimitrios Vikelas» have awarded it for its offer in Greek Athleticism.

Over 20 athletes of our club represent the members of the National Team with participations in European Championships, World Championships and Olympiads. 

Our goal is to develop the sport of Gymnastics for young boys and girls, since it represents the main source for all the other sports.